Integrated into the bag is a folding chair.  Attached to the chair is a 30″x30″ heavy duty vinyl mat which provides a convenient clean dry place for you to change into your golf shoes.  Because of the way the mat is attached to the chair the wind won’t blow the mat around while you’re changing. Simply place the chair on the ground with your back to the wind.  This helps keep the mat flat on the ground during a strong breeze.  Lay the chair flat on the ground and unfold the mat in front of you.


The Easy Chair Sports Bag’s quality construction, durable materials, and unique design make it the best and most convenient golf shoe bag available, period.  It’s like having your own private locker room in the trunk of your car.

EZ Chair Sports Bags are available in 4 colors, each priced at $89.95 plus Florida sales tax (if applicable), shipping and handling.  Choose the color of your preference from the menu below.